Equilibrium can only be found in the Best

Somebody thinks equilibrium is the ideal average point between extremes and with this idea in mind then build boats which represent “a good compromise”.

We do not.

For us, equilibrium, in leisure, can be found only in the best. The best of luxury and functionality. The best of customization, comfort and performance. The best of sailing in total safety, thanks to a full CE “A” Category conform line-up, with the best efficiency, but with the style that only a real Made-in-Italy yacht can achieve. No compromise, no renounce.

We create and built state of the art motor yachts, simply, boosting design, technology, efficiency and safety over the top.

The essence of Made-in-Italy

We create concepts, design and tailor-build motor-yachts in order to live the sea beyond the stereotypes of trends and current fashion, such to maintain their value during the years.

We provide distinguishing and eye-catching look, thanks to the vertical bow and higher hull sides, a modern design which is clearly inspired by the classic heavy-duty explorer and professional vessels, which also delivers unmatched seakeeping.

But it’s not only what you can see, but it’s what you can get, once stepping on board and especially sailing which makes the difference: stability at the anchor, same as at every speed, maniacal noise insulation, unbelievable conviviality, amount of room and brightness of every livable quarter. The most innovative technical solutions are bring all together, in a yacht expressively build for you.

For us, this is, without questions, the essence of Made in Italy.

The philosophy

The added value of customization.

We are a whole Italian Company. Our boats are the result of a Team of outstanding experience and talent and they’re built in our own sea-connected plant, located not far from Ravenna, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. This part of the Country is where leisure craftsmanship, especially in this segment, has achieved the highest levels in the last decades. Customization is in facts a cornerstone of our Company philosophy. Beyond the design, technology, attention to details, fuel efficiency and other excellences, the unique tailor-made approach to layout, specs and decoration, is the real Sundeck Yachts signature.

It is probably not a case that eventually a number of top-demanding Yachtsman, are today satisfied Owner of a Sundeck Yachts vessel.

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